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Edu Lobo’s Songbook

Tom Jobim

Edu Lobo, you are a wonderful composer. An amazing thing! I can still remember when your dad, Fernando, told me: “There’s a kid at the house who plays a mean guitar…”

And then I met you, skinny, the thin growth of facial hair becoming a mustache, the innocent face, the young mouth, shy, guitar in hand, stretching out, growing quickly so as to become the great composer, guitarist, pianist, singer, poet, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator and conductor, Eduardo de Goes Lobo. Predestinated and studious. Nocturnal, stays up all night composing and later on, I think, he will become a jolly early riser, an early bird.

His music, so well made, smells of jungle, sometimes of sea, as in Arrastão, such a Brazilian smell of the sea. Pra Dizer Adeus, Upa Neguinho, Ponteio, Marta Saré, Viola Fora de Moda, Reza, Canção do Amanhecer, Canto Triste, Vento Bravo, they are so many, and so beautiful, his songs, his sambas, his frevos, xaxados, baiões, treasures, choros, waltzes, modinhas.

Edu writes so very well, by hand, with ink. This songbook was entirely written by hand, a gigantic job!

More recent are his partnerships with Francisco Buarque de Holanda, Chico Buarque, another one of the race’s geniuses. Choro Bandido, Valsa Brasileira, Beatriz, beautiful!

Black eyes of jabuticaba berry, straight out of the forest. “Juruva”, bird of the deepest jungle, trapped “coati”, old jaguar of the Atlantic Forest, who watches the sea from inside the jungle. Fisherman, swimmer, gymnast, “carioca” from the northeast, Pernambucan, so many things, Indian blood, in Brazil for over 60,000 years (according to the great explorer and scholar, Orlando Villas-Boas). Your fate, traced.

I salute you in the name of Heitor Villa-Lobos, your grandfather, my father.


Um Antonio Brasileiro
Tom Jobim


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